Variations in the Galilee


The Galilee is an amazing mountainous region in its beauty, in the northern part of the State of Israel. Whether you choose to explore the Upper Galilee, the Lower Galilee, the Western Galilee, or the Galilee – impressive landscapes, historical sites and heritage sites, activities for all ages and attractions of all kinds – you can easily find, in abundance and throughout the Galilee!

Safed, where our restaurant is located– Sumak Restaurant, is considered the capital of the Upper Galilee. And if you've come from afar to us, you'll probably want to visit the fascinating sites around us. For this very reason, we have concentrated for you favorite and fun attractions from all over the Galilee, a pleasant pastime!      

The Magic of Safed

The city of Safed, on the summits of Mount Safed and Mount Canaan, overlooks Mount Meron in the west and lake Kinneret to the southeast. Most of the city is even at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level, so views and vantage points are not uncommon. Safed is one of the four holy cities in the Land of Israel, attracting many tourists from Israel and around the world. In Safed, impressive ancient synagogues with magnificent heritage, tombs of the righteous– in the city and its immediate vicinity, museums dealing with the history of Safed as well as the heritage of the Jewish people, fine wineries, the enchanting Old City complex– where galleries display art inspired by the city and a variety of possibilities for independent and guided tours of the city and the nature nearby. 

At the foot of the city and Mount Canaan

The Rosh Pina Regional Council, located at the foot of Mount Canaan and the city of Safed, is also near the Galilee Hesse, its special charm. The picturesque stone alleys, beautiful observations, shops and many galleries, rich history and exciting story made it a familiar and beloved destination by many.

Alongside the slightly more urban attractions at Rosh Pina, it is recommended to visit Mitzpe Nimrod, Baron's Garden, Shlomo Ben-Yosef Cave and Rosh Pina Stream – for an experience that combines nature and landscapes, together with history and the heritage of the country.  

Nature reserves throughout the Galilee

Hoy, my Kinneret

The water lake, or the largest freshwater lake in Israel, the Sea of Galilee of course, is not only Israel's water source – but also one of its favorite attractions. The Sea of Galilee has dozens of neat beaches, offering various marine activities such as boating, jet skis, paragliding and more! 

Also in the many settlements surrounding the Sea of Galilee and located on its shores: Degania Group A- The first kibbutz established in Israel, Degania Group B, Kinneret Group, Kinneret Colony, Migdal Colony, Kibbutz Gnossar, Kibbutz Ein Gev, Kibbutz Haun and the city of Tiberias - activities unique to groups, couples and families, factories and visitor centers that offer varied tours and fun local attractions

Hula Valley - Agamon Hula and Hula Reserve

The Hula Valley has a great opportunity to observe nature in all its glory and stroll calmly and enjoy the open spaces.

Agamon Hula is an artificial lake that attracts seabirds and other rare birds with migration seasons. Agmon Hula is one of the most impressive birding spots in Israel– and besides the many birds that visit it, it has also become a popular tourist attraction for all people. You can explore the lake on foot, by bike, electric vehicle, or on a guided tour – sunrise, sunset or twilight tour of the site's special hideaway cart, a cart hidden from the birds' eyes and ensuring the most successful sightings.

Near Agamon Hula is the Hula Nature Reserve – the first nature reserve in Israel! Although many people get confused and assume that Agamon Hula and Patient's Reserve are the same site, these are two different sites, which are definitely recommended to visit both. Although the ailing nature reserve is famous and familiar from the stories of drying the wetlands after the establishment of the State of Israel, today the reserve serves as a magical bird migration center, offering its visitors unique and fascinating hiking trails.

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