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Sumac Restaurant is a kosher Galilean bistro, with a rich and varied menu based entirely on the Galilean produce we all love. The restaurant, located next to the Villa Galilei Hotel, has breathtaking views overlooking Mount Meron and adds to the selection of creative dishesโ€“ the magical Galilee atmosphere

Gadi Olshansky
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sumac restaurant

Galilean flavor

Kosher Galilee Bistro - on Mount Canaan in Safed

The rich local sesame we use to make fine tahini, Galilean olive oil and wheat- smoked green wheat that characterizes the Galilee region โ€“ are only a small part of a large abundance of quality raw materials, which we have chosen carefully and lovingly. After all, the Galilean cuisine has its own unique flavors!

In Sumac you will enjoy a rich and varied menu that includes, among other things, a discharge salad and roasted roots on a bed of tahini, lamb chops with onions stuffed with roast beef sauce and a traditional Cylindrical dessert with a modern twistโ€“ semolina and tahini with malabi cream and pomegranate syrup. To complete the ideal culinary experience, on the drinking and alcohol menu, a selection of the highest quality wines that come to us directly from the boutique wineries in the Galilee.

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Gad Olshinsky โ€” Chef


6 starters 90 โ‚ช

Olive focaccia Barnea Chimichurri Parsley and fresh oregano
Tabulaburgol, herbs, Uzbek apricot and pistachios
Crispy "cigar" filled with chopped chicken, hart and fresh mint. Local tahini and a bit spicy
Crispy-coated barbunia fillet, burnt pepper aioli, garlic confetiate and capers
Sea fish ceviche,season fruit salsa, sumac, barnea olive oil, fresh za'atar and pickled lemon
Beef fillet carpaccio,fresh oregano, grape debs syrup, olive oil and confit garlic

Salads and intermediate dishes

Focaccia,Barnea Olive Oil, Chimichurri Parsley and Fresh Oregano 22 โ‚ช
Beef and lamb arais beef baked in pita, local tahini and salsa from spicy shuaia 46 โ‚ช
Fresh root vegetables, local tahini and fresh herbs, lemon juice and piqual olive oil 48 โ‚ช
Villa Galilei's "Sultan" salad has crisp lettuce, cherry tomatoes and red onions, chunks of roasted chicken marinated in fresh basil herbs and lemon juice aioli, capers and fresh za'atar. 52 โ‚ช
Roasted and sliced butcher's share, seared forest king mushroom, herbs and red wine 54 โ‚ช
Fatusmalafon, Maggie tomatoes and roughly sliced purple onions, radishes and kohlrabi, crispy focaccia, sumac and fresh oregano. Piqual olive oil "Galilean cloth house" and fresh lemon juice 38 โ‚ช


Vegan masachan, Cylindrical focaccia, mushroom and soybean chunks, fried onions, tahini and pickled onion 72 โ‚ช
On-site entrecote steak, rustic mashed potatoes with confetti garlic, mustard, fried onions and roasted root vegetables 149 โ‚ช
Roasted chicken with pickled lemon marinade and herbs,rosemary pottos and lemon zest 88 โ‚ช
Beef and lamb chinesea,layers of meat seasoned with hart, burnt tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes and tahini 72 โ‚ช
Fish of the day (ask the waiter) Baked with rosemary and pickled lemon on lentil majdara and bulgur 88 โ‚ช
Fettuccine Housemade, Barnea Olive Oil, Cherry Tomatoes, Forest Mushrooms, Artichoke, Garlic Confit and Herbs 66 โ‚ช
Medium Goose Breast, Rustic Mashed Potatoes with Confi Garlic and Fried Onion 118 โ‚ช
Spiribstal, rustic mashed potatoes with garlic confit, mustard, fried onions and Buck Choi 116 โ‚ช


Cream dark chocolate,cocoa crumble and crรชnglez olive oil and bharat 32 โ‚ช
Kataife decorated and nuts3 units stuffed with garnish cream and rose water, nuts and silan syrup and pomegranates 32 โ‚ช
Business for hotel guests โ€“ 1 tray of this, 1 intermediate dish to choose from, 2 main dishes to choose from, 1 dessert for a couple
If you suffer from food sensing/allergy please let the staff know
Kosher Ministers of the Rabbinate of Safed

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